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We are open for business, however due to the Covid 19 virus and government mandated restrictions we will not be taking any in person appointments at this time.
Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

We will resume normal activity when it is safe and restrictions allow.

Thank you for your business 



A recording studio located next door to the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro Ca.

Recording ► Mixing ■  Mastering

Need a space to record your podcast or audio book?

Come record your podcast or audio book in a comfortable relaxed setting with professional gear and engineers so you can focus on your content.

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(Mastered at Morris Sound)

We offer a variety of services from demos to live recordings or full production.


For booking and all other inquiries please contact :

(424) 570-1401 //




“It was joyful and effortless”

-The Smoking Flowers


“Staff was incredibly courteous and professional, we will hit up Morris Sound again mos def recommend them”

-Fabian Grave 


“The nicest people with great ears and great talent for capturing live sounds”

-Justine Kaye


”Amazing and easy to work with goes above and beyond what is expected, I’m really happy with the finished product”

-Kelly Caballero


“Excellent people to work with brilliant sound, by far the best recording experience I highly recommend working with them”

-Steven Amlaw


“Most enjoyable, not to mention, exciting recording experience I’ve had in my music career”

-AJ Caves


“A great job mixing our songs! We really love your work!”

-Speed of Light